Message from executive manager

Today, we have been reborn as a company that is currently engaged in several fields with the potential for future growth.

At SMS, we have many leading-edge technologies in a variety of business areas, and these serve as the foundation for our diversification.
These fields classified into  four main areas which are:

1- Health Care Technology

2- Clinical management &Consultancy Services

3- Call center services

4- Marketing for healthcare.

The Healthcare Tech area includes Medical IT and Medical products, including the Imaging division, General medical equipment, Medical IT and a wide array of innovative technologies in the field of clinical laboratory testing and Life science research from Leading manufacturers around the globe.

Leveraging these technologies, We have recently been focusing on the following priority business fields,  like Turnkey Projects which covers Operation, Clinical management &Consultancy Services. We are expanding our capabilities in these fields throughout strategic planning, Building strong customer relationship based on their satisfaction, creative marketing activities &  the actual implementation of Strategic Management.

Samir Awad
Executive manager