Screen for life Qatar

Screen for Life – Qatar’s National Breast and Bowel Cancer Screening Program

‘Screen for Life’ is part of the ongoing and wide-ranging efforts of Qatar’s National Cancer Strategy, which was launched in May 2011 by Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, and the Ministry of Public Health.

‘Screen for Life’ was launched based on research by Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health, which identified that the top two malignant cancers in the State are; breast cancer (top cancer accounting for 17% of all cancer cases), and bowel cancer (second highest cancer accounting for 9.8% of all cancer cases). Reference: Qatar National Cancer Registry 2016

Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) was given the authority, under Qatar’s National Cancer Program, to lead the Breast and Bowel Cancer Screening Program nationwide. PHCC has awarded SMS to be the main contractor for PHCC to provide Cancer screening services in the state of Qatar since the Program was launched in December 2015.

‘Screen for Life’ was launched with two main objectives:

  • Awareness: Educate and raise community awareness about breast and bowel screening for the people of Qatar and its residents.
  • Screening: Provide the highest quality screening services to all target demographics.

The screening service is provided in specialized suites managed by a very competent clinical staff. These screening suites are located in Al Wakra, Leabaib and Rawdat Al Khail health centers, in addition to the Mobile Screening Unit.

The suites have a spa-like environment, designed to offer participants a comfortable and relaxing setting, making the whole screening process a pleasant one.